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Hotel Hambros il Parco

in Villa Banchieri


Lucca - Tuscany

About Villa Banchieri

Hotel Hambros Park, located in the Lucca countryside not far from the historic center of Lucca, is situated in the garden of the sixteenth-century Villa Banchieri, a relaxing and enjoyable location.

The property is surrounded by medieval stone walls, and inside the park you can see 300-year-old trees including redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), yews (Taxus baccatat), horse chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum), pines and Mediterranean palm trees(Pinus and Phoenix dactylifera).

The main access to the hotel is by a private road with evergreen plants alongside, leading from via Pesciatina to the Villa Banchieri.

Villa Banchieri in Lucca

The history of Villa Banchieri
The origins of Villa Banchieri date back to 1445. In those days the building had only the ground floor which was at first inhabited by Antonio di Ser Giovanni Banchieri and his brothers, Ugolino and Martino. The first floor of the house, the stables and the limonaia were built during the next two centuries.

Referring to changes made to the villa over the centuries, from some drafts of designs found in historical archives we notice that around 1800–1820 some changes were made to the façade.
This modification is reminiscent of the architecture of the artist Nottolini, who at the time added extensions of villas and palaces in the area of Segromigno. Nottolini was born in Zone, about 200 meters from Villa Banchieri in the territory of so-called "Sei miglia" which at the time was part of the city of Lucca.

In original acts dated 1766, we read that Domenico Banchieri with his children Sebastiano, Dominico and Libertà ceded for 30 years some lands surrounding the villa (called “livelli”) to the “Offizio dei Poveri Bisognosi", an association that helped the impoverished nobleman who dared not beg.
This practice of charity was in fact typical of the wealthy families in the centuries XV / XVIII.

In the second half of the 1800s, members of the Banchieri family featured important personalities of the clergy, such as the Reverend Sebastiano Banchieri and Serafino Banchieri di Fratta. At that time among the influential families of Lucca it was proper to have relatives who embraced the ecclesiastical life, both for calling and for duty to family.

In the early twentieth century, the Banchieri family, who had already owned the villa for five centuries, fiinally decided to give it away.
It was in the 1980s that the father of the current owners wanted to buy it. He knew that it would be nice to return the dwelling to its former glory and felt that a hotel in Villa bankers would also have enhanced the area he loved so much. Thus, even with the collaboration of the Comune of Capannori, the project had a positive run leading to the realization of the Hotel Hambros in Villa Park Bankers Association.

To appreciate the beauty of the villa, you have to drive a 300-feet-long avenue. Crossing a wide gate, the visitor is greeted by the scent of lime trees and the lush, relaxing green of the secular park surrounding the old structure. The hotel, although completely renovated with the latest technology and most modern facilities, has maintained the flavor of the old historic residence with the charm that recalls the splendor of the early 1400.

This hotel is perfect for both business trips and leisure travel, allowing guests to unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life and to find the
entire staff reserved and always ready to meet all customer needs.

Management over the years
Villa Banchieri, known today as Hotel Hambros il Parco, was acquired in the 1980s by the family who's still managing it.
For several years, management was entrusted to an outside company that has consolidated its customers and has expanded the offerings.

Villa Banchieri in Lucca

Since last year, management has returned to owners who have become hoteliers.
They have raised the standard of quality to superior 4 star and brought prices to very competitive levels.
The staff, always carefully selected, is available to accommodate the needs of each client.