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Hotel Hambros il Parco in Villa Banchieri

Hotel Hambros Il Parco

Hotel Hambros Il Parco is located in the countryside near Lucca, a few kilometers from the historical center of Lucca, located within the fifteenth-century “Villa Banchieri” in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

The property is surrounded by stone walls of the medieval period and in the park, you can admire centuries-old trees like a 300 year old redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), a yew (Taxus baccatat), horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), pines and Mediterranean palm trees (Pinus and Phoenix dactylifera).

Even the hotel’s main entrance is outlined by a private avenue of evergreens that leads from the street Pesciatina to the Villa Banchieri.

The history of Villa Banchieri

The first historical signs that we find the origin of Villa Banchieri date back to 1445: in those days the building concerned only the ground floor which was inhabited in principle by Ser Giovanni Antonio Banchieri from Ponteccio and his brothers Ugolino and Martino. The first floor of the villa, the stables and the lemon were, on the contrary, made the next two centuries.

With reference to the building interventions made to Villa over the centuries, by some drafts of drawings found in the historical archives it is that towards the 1800-1820 some changes were made to the facade reminiscent of the artist Nottolini architecture, which at that time realized expansion of Villas and Palaces in Segromigno area. Nottolini was born in Zone about 200 meters from Villa Banchieri, in the territory of so-called “six miles” now an integral part of the city of Lucca.

In the original 1766 document states that Domenico Banchieri with his sons Sebastiano, Domenico and gave freedom for 30 years, some grounds surrounding the Villa (those levels) to ” Offizio of Vergognosi Poor “, an association that helped the impoverished aristocrats who dared not beg this practice of charity was in fact typical of the wealthier families in the XV / XVIII centuries.

In the early twentieth century, the Banchieri family, owner of the Villa for 5 centuries, finally decided to sell it.

It was in the 80s that the father of the current owners wanted to buy it: he knew he would be nice to restore the home to its former glory and realized that a Hotel in Villa Banchieri would also have enhanced the area he loved so much.

So even with the collaboration of the City of Capannori, the project had a positive run leading to the realization of the Hotel Hambros Parco in Villa Banchieri. To appreciate the beauty of the villa you need to travel a tree-lined avenue of 300 meters, then crossed the wide gate, the visitor is greeted by the scent of lime trees and the intense and relaxing green of the park surrounding the hotel. The hotel, although completely renovated with the latest technology and modern comforts, has retained the flavor of the historic residence, formerly with the charm that recalls the splendor of the early ‘400. This hotel is perfect for business trips, whether for leisure travel, allows guests to disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life and to find the availability of the entire staff, people reserved and always ready to satisfy every customer demand.
The management over the years

The management over the years

The Villa Banchieri today Hotel Hambros Il Parco, was acquired by the family, that still follows in the eighties. It has been entrusted to an outside company management for several years that has consolidated and expanded customer service offerings.

For a year the management has returned to owners who have taken up carefully the activity of hoteliers.

Featured raising the quality standards of 4-star luxury in the background bringing prices to very competitive levels.

The staff, always carefully selected, is available to accommodate the needs of each customer.

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